Fall into a sale

Remembering The Past

From this……
(Photo credit: Ian Sane) 

Do first impressions matter?  Do you judge a book by its cover?   If you’ve answered yes to these questions and you are getting ready to or have just listed your home for sale…read on!

The first thing a buyer sees when pulling into your drive is likely to affect how they feel when they actually open the door and enter your home, assuming they don’t just keep on driving.

We call this first impression curb appeal. The idea is to make the exterior of your home so inviting the buyers can’t wait to get inside.  The most obvious way to do this is by cleaning, painting and landscaping. Try these inexpensive, easy for the DIYers tips and you’ll be packing for your new home before you know it!

~Clean the mildew and grime off exterior surfaces and paint them if they need it.

~Rake leaves and pick up any debris …front and back! Cut

Picture of the "Gingerbread House" i...

To this!!!   (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

back and mulch empty flower beds.

~Polish the brass doorknobs, knockers and mail slots until they glow.

~Wash the windows both house and garage! By removing years of grime, you can fill the house with natural light.

~Drive or walk around your neighborhood and look at others’ houses. Then go home, stand across the street, and look at your house and yard. What makes your house better or worse than the others?

If you improve the exterior, or “polish the apple,” it could value to your home, but will certainly add marketability.  Make cents?!

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