Sleepless Nights and Passwords

BBC sleeping like a baby with no password problems

I recently had one of my ~too frequent~ sleepless nights….what was keeping me awake was the countless (I plan on counting them soon ~another sleepless night task~ ) numbers of usernames and the passwords associated with them that I have accumulated over the past few years.

One might think that attempting to visually list them all would be enough to put me back to sleep, but no, I just got more and more agitated with the various Internet sites, credit card companies, banks, contact management programs, web sites, social media sites, BLOGS, etc that need such privacy (ok I do see the need with the credit cards and banks) that I have to remember lists of numbers and letters ~some of which demand that I change them every couple of months~.  

My solution… I’m going to write them all down and keep a copy of them near every computer, IPad etc. I use.  I could even keep a copy of this magic list on my PC’s desktop in case I can’t find the paperwork.  I won’t ever need to rely on my memory, I won’t have click the “request password to be emailed button” and I won’t have to recite them, silently of course, it is after all 3:00am, over and over again night after night trying to sear them into my brain!

Anyone out there have the same problem?! 

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