Babies and Technology!

My son and daughter in law are expecting their 2nd child in May. Their 1st, Ben ~ aka the love of my life ~ is now 4.  The debate over the past few weeks has been centered around the gender of the baby.  Should we find out?  Should we be surprised?  Should we find out but not tell anyone?  Yes. No. Yes. Maybe.  You get it right? Total indecision and driving the rest of the family crazy!

Wait ~ I’ll get to the technology part in a minute ~ first the babies!Pink and Blue

“The” ultrasound (not the technology part) was scheduled for this past Monday and we (Nana and Grammy) were on pins and needles waiting for the call.  When it came, the decision was that the ultrasound tech wrote down the gender of this child and sealed it in an envelope.  That is NOT the decision we were waiting to hear!

So now the question was what to do with this envelope?  Can the entire family be gathered, both sides, east coast and west coast, for an envelope opening party? Should we do a “cake party” and have the baker make a PINK or BLUE cake?

But think about it, really, who could be kept in that kind of suspense right?  Apparently not Mom or Dad because about an hour later I got a text message with a video attached.

Okay, here comes the technology part ~

A text message was sent to the entire family and we all watched as Ben opened the envelope and read to us that his new baby is a ……………..

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