Hibernation and marketing your home!

Maine’s animals winter habits…what do they really do all winter?? 

I had an interesting conversation with my 4yr old grandson a couple of weeks ago….well let’s face it, any “conversation” with a 4yr old is interesting, but this one had me searching for answers.

Okay, a lot of those conversations do, that kid is brilliant, BUT this one was about which animals hibernate in the winter and which ones, other than us humans, tough it out through the cold and snow in the northeast!

I was pretty confident about bears, after all, I grew up with Yogi and Boo Boo,

The Yogi Bear Show

Photo credit:Wikipedia

but some of the others left me scratching my head, in that “I’m smarter than the av-er-age bear” kind of way.  I started with the bears (turns out I was sort of right) but while I had some right answers, Ben had more right answers than I did!

I guess not as many animals are smarter than us humans when it comes to winter living, but there are a few “true hibernators”, some “part-time sleepers” but most are “wide awakers” looking forward to the arrival of spring just like us!

If you want to test your knowledge or just be ready to talk to a 4yr old, check out this Bangor Daily News article for more hibernating animal info!      http://bit.ly/VVpeLr

Next question: how to market for sale a bear’s den during the winter months? First a reminder to all to keep the paths to the front door shoveled and sanded for easy access to your cave….keep the lights bright and move to stone in front of the door to let as much natural light as possible in……and in the case of bears….“Showings by appointment only” would have to be a must!

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