winter marketing

I posted this last winter, but it holds true this year (and probably next year as well!) so I thought I’d share it again….and as always, love to hear your thoughts on selling your home this winter, how’s it going for you and can I help!!??!!  And until the garden starts blooming again, enjoy the paintings!

Painting Spring Flowers

Just your luck – you’re trying to sell your home this winter, known to be the slowest and dreariest sales season of all. But cheer up – think warm and cozy – bright and clean!

You know that staying on top of routine maintenance and repairs is a must at any time, but while marketing your home a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering are equally essential. Neatening up the yard and touching up the exterior appearance to improve the curb appeal also can make the difference between a sale or no sale.

If you live in snow country, don’t forget that neatly shoveled paths and well plowed driveways make a difference not only in ease of showing your home but in curb appeal. This is true especially for those sellers who no longer live in the home – make sure you are diligent about that winter duty or find someone close by who can take care of it for you.

Another must is good lighting – your home may appear darker due to less daylight in the winter months. Be proactive, buy brighter bulbs and turn  on all the lights prior to a showing.  Open blinds, drapes and shutters to let in as much natural light as the day allows.

On The Double.Do you have photos of your yard in full bloom?  Leave them out on a table or counter to let the Buyer see what waits for them when the snow melts!

Although there may be fewer buyers out looking right now, those tend to be very motivated buyers, and as a winter seller you’ll have a chance to stand out in a thinned-out field of competitors.

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