What’s Trending in Midcoast Maine?

Sorry folks , not fashion trends, just real estate trends!!

Although if you’re up for shoe shopping just call, I’ll meet you at the mall…

So what’s trending in the real estate market?  Well, from what I’ve seen and heard lately, gone are the days of bigger is better, buyers today are favoring smaller more functional homes that they can manage both financially (mortgage, taxes, utilities) and physically (newer heating system, roof etc.).  Not buying above your comfort zone leaves a little more to spend on a movie night or new shoes (I can always find a way to get that in!!)

Another thing that is important to today’s buyers homes offering open floor plans.  Here in Midcoast Maine, a lot of our older homes were built with small rooms and smaller closets.  Consider having a professional look at opening up a wall between the kitchen and dining room, or dining and living room, you may enjoy that open space now and a future buyer will love it!

And never forget the mantra “location, location, location”.  While all other factors in a real estate market may change with the times, this never does.  Right now, walking distance to town amenities is high on the list for a lot of buyers.  Check out the walkability score for your home at http://www.walkscore.com to see how you rate! (Picture some nice new walking shoes here!!)

And finally, don’t give buyers a reason to rule out your home – make sure that all major utilities and appliances have recently been serviced and are working at top capacity and your home is clean and inviting.

A little cleaning now can save a sale later!

2 thoughts on “What’s Trending in Midcoast Maine?

  1. Great info Patti!

    How does the landscape mix in this equation? Do well maintained landscapes impact a buyer’s decision in any manner? What about strategic pruning of trees in order to open up view?

    It has been my experience in working with clients in the MidCoast market that what they see outisde of the house plays a role in their initial impression of the property.

    Sellers which may have let the landscaping ‘go’ might see a decent return in pruning overgrown trees and shrubs to help bring them back to scale with the house and better tidy up the outside at the same time.


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