Top Ten Things I Dislike!

Here are my top 10 things that I REALLY Dislike (because my mother taught me never to say hate)

In no particular order, just as I’ve thought of them:
1)   those really small cars in parking lots that let you think there is a space available but no, you start to turn and boom, there it is. keep looking.
2)   driving in the snow.  or the ice.  or anything other than dry conditions.
3)   FINALLY getting a cup of coffee only to find that it’s weak,lukewarm and they put sugar in it.
4)   stories that start with “to make a long story short” because you know it won’t be.
5)   getting halfway to the office before noticing one black glove and one brown glove.  even worse of course is one black boot and one brown boot.
6)   apparently being the only human being on earth who does NOT know how to add smiley faces to emails, tweets, text messages, etc ~ insert frowny face here ~ !!
7)   running late for an appointment (that could be it’s own line as I do NOT like being late for anything) and needing to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk who think it’s their God given right to crawl across the street at a snail’s pace.  come on people, scurry!
8)   running late for an appointment (told you I don’t like it) and getting behind a bicyclist who feels it’s their God given right to pretend to be a car, ride in the middle of the road WAY under the speed limit and refuse to get off to the side.  work with us car drivers at least, we are still bigger than you.
9)   needing chocolate and not having any. this could actually be number one.
10)  top ten lists with only nine items in them
Does this give you any sense of how my day is going so far??!!

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