Top 10 Things I LIKE!

So here are the top 10 Things I REALLY Like (because you shouldn’t say love unless you really mean it!)

1)   coming home at night to the woodstove cranking out some glorious heat and a hot cup of coffee waiting for me
2)   pandora radio….I know some complain but I really like it ~ see #5 ~ and coincidently, pandora bracelets!
3)   a new Henri Bendel “Firewood” candle arriving in the mail
4)   running ~ there’s nothing like the first run after 3 months of being a couch potato (notice Runners did NOT make my dislike list?  in my book, they can do anything they want on the road!) laced up today and went 2 miles!
5)   my super smart nephew FG IV who took all the ads off my computer ~ don’t know how, don’t care, just really like it
6)   same nephew, Frank, and my friend’s son, Jonathon, who are both just about at the end of their time in boot camp (Air Force and Army respectively) and are making us so proud of them and the path they’ve chosen
7)   that special person who keeps living the mini bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs on my desk at the office
8)   the words “we’ve got a deal” from a co-broking REALTOR
9)   the smell of clean laundry fresh off the clothes line ~ especially SHEETS!
10  the 3-2-1 day countdown to picking up Ben for the weekend ~ okay, this is a LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE 
So what do you like?  Come on ~ share with us!!

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I LIKE!

  1. I like your top ten lists! Especially #6 in this one. And #10. Oh, and #4. Also #1. Plus #7…okay, all of these are great likes 😀 I like outdoor concerts and farmer’s markets.


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