I’m proud to be a Merrymeeting REALTOR®

Bjørnestad house and bakery ca 1910-1919.

I am so proud of my local Merrymeeting Board of REALTOR®s  ~ http://merrymeetingboardofrealtors.com/ ~

Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you why!  But first…..

As REALTOR®s we work hard at putting transactions together every day.

We help our Buyer clients search for, view, offer, negotiate on a home. The work really begins when we  then help these clients secure, navigate, jump through the hoops and get approval on their mortgage.
We help our Seller clients prepare their home for sale, prepare the market value, market their home, and negotiate the offer.  We help them understand the mortgage process and do whatever we can do on this side of the transaction to get that mortgage approval.
We do this every day, we do it well, we do it with pleasure.
We have to be good negotiators, great listeners, fantastic problem solvers.  We work long hours and rarely take a whole day “off” as the ever more up to date technology allows us to be available to you, our clients, whenever you need us.
You may know this, most of you have probably bought or sold a home at some time in your life, at least once!!.  But I’m betting that you don’t know a lot about what we do in our “spare” time.
Last week, the Merrymeeting Board of REALTOR®s presented  3 local agencies ~ Tedford Housing, Habitat for Humanity 7 Rivers and Midcoast Chapter of the American Red Cross ~ with a donation of over $5,000 each.  We were able to do this because of two fundraising events we held….a 5k road race in August and an auction in December.  Many hours were spent organizing, planning, preparing for these 2 events and I thank all the REALTOR®s who gave their time and resources to do so.
And that’s why I’m so proud of my local REALTOR® friends, because in addition to the work we do every day to help our clients buy and sell their homes, we work just as hard to help others who might not be in the position right now to own a home at least secure or maintain decent, comfortable housing.
In the long run, I believe that everyone has the right to a safe and affordable place to call home,don’t you?

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