“Trending” seems to be hot right now ~ trending on Twitter, trending in fashion (shoes!!), trending on YouTube ~ just Google the word “trend” and you’ll find pages of things that are currently trending.


The definition of trend is:

Noun: A general direction in which something is developing or changing

Verb: (esp. of geographical features) Bend or turn away in a specified direction

Don’t we all want to be trendy? Set the fashion trend? Be first in twitter trends? It’s like seeing our name in lights! But the only trends I really strive to keep up with, at least for now, are real estate trends. It’s important for me and for my clients, both current and future, to have some knowledge of what’s trending in real estate. Makes it easier to help you sell your home now, or sell later the one you are buying now!

Thinking of building a McMansion? Not trending ~ unless you own the oil company! ~

Shag carpet? Not trending ~ and really never should have right? ~

Avocado Green appliances? Not trending ~ but SO retro if you’re into that! ~

Want to paint the living room burnt orange? Think again ~ Emerald is the color of 2013 ~

If you’re interested in finding out what IS trending in real estate, let me know, I’m happy to share what I can with you to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your home. Or shoes, don’t forget how much I love shoes!

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