Snippets of Conversation!

Have you ever overheard something or someone and thought ~ I NEED to know more about this ~?


I was leaving a store in town yesterday and a youngish (wow am I sounding oldish or what?) couple was walking toward me.  What I heard her say was ~ and I’m not adding or leaving anything out ~ “Just because I’m getting married that doesn’t mean that I  can’t….” and then they entered the store.

WHAT?? I stopped in the middle of the road for just a second and then stopped myself from turning around, because I really wanted to follow them in!!  One, because I wanted to hear the rest of her sentence.  Two, because I wanted to hear his response.  Three, because I wanted to join into the conversation, I mean really, for those of us who have been married, don’t we just want to give some advice to that thought of hers!!!

Can you imagine just going through your day and really listening to people and the conversations they are having with whoever they’re with at the time?  Imagine how much those “flies on the wall” know about us humans, they must have heard everything by now!  Is it wrong to want to listen in to other people ~ not to harm or interfere or give them advise ~ just for the enjoyment and the pure pleasure of speculation on how the conversation will end??  Talking

These small snippets of conversation fascinate me.  Not that I will spend the rest of my day thinking about her (well, I won’t as soon as I finish this blog!) but I will try to put some closure to that conversation, at least in my own mind.

So what do you think?  What can she do?  Or not do?  Or go? Or not go?

Does anyone else overhear parts of conversations and then make up the ending?

3 thoughts on “Snippets of Conversation!

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