Ear Muff Day

my old ear muffsIt appEARs  that today is Ear Muff Day!!  On March 13, 1877,  Chester Greenwood (apparently a rather large eared man) patented the “Champion Ear Protector”.  I guess hats just didn’t do it for him!  
Over time, that name was changed to “ear mufflers” and then shortened again to “ear muffs”. But in any event, for us non hat people in cold climates, ear muffs do the trick to keep our ears warm ~ although if you’re reading this in Florida or Southern California, you may not even know what I’m talking about!
And the fashion industry has taken hold of this as well….there are countless styles, shapes and sizes to fit your every need! Another type of ear muff is the headband ~ and one company I love is bondiband http://www.bondiband.com/ as a portion of every headband you buy goes to a charity ~ this year it’s the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.my new bondi band!
So even though winter is winding down, the wind will be whistling around our ears for months to come so put on the ear muffs, and brave the wind and the rest of the winter in style!!

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