April Activities in Midcoast Maine!

While it’s always hard to try to schedule activities in Midcoast Maine ~ those that are outside activities that is with our changing weather ~ April is really, really challenging!!  Tulips and daffodils are starting to bloom and the sun is shining one day, and the next we can get a few inches of snow (or more ~ remember the Patriots Day Storm 2007?!)
So what to do…..
For the skiers and snowboarders, Maine ski resorts are still open and the skiing is great,
check out all of the conditions at ~ http://bit.ly/14cMkGI
For the more fair weathered of us (that would be me!) who can’t wait to spend time at the beach, the Boothbay Region Fisherman’s Festival is April 26-28,  check out what’s happening at their facebook page ~ http://on.fb.me/Z9SW3T
For family fun, April is Kora Shrine Circus Month in Maine and once again, this year the circus will be in 3 different locations all close to us in Midcoast Maine ~  http://bit.ly/10N9ZZC 
(unless like me, you think clowns are kinda creepy ~ but then again there’s cotton candy…)
For the chocolate lovers out there (and again, that would be me!) Wilbur’s in Freeport has some special days in April to make your own creations ~ http://bit.ly/17rQx8c
As you can see, there’s plenty to do for all …..  that’s what we love about our little piece of Midcoast Maine!

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