“2 for 1” and other facts of Homeownership ….in Midcoast Maine!

Most of these fun facts are actually true not only in Midcoast Maine but throughout the country as well.  

~Did you know that for every 2 homes sold,  1 job is created?  
~Did you know that the housing/real estate market has led this country out of 6 of it’s last 8 recessions ~ and the other 2 reasons were war? 
~Did you know that for every home sold in Maine, over $25,000 is pumped back into the local economy in a 2 year period?
~Did you know that homeownership had been linked to children preforming better in school and continuing on with higher education?
~Did you know that when you own your home, you can paint the walls purple?  And the ceilings blue?  And get that puppy you’ve been longing for?
~Did you know that homeowners tend to spend more time volunteering in their communities?  
~Did you know that Housing accounts for more than 15% of the National Gross Domestic product, a key driving force to our national economy?
~Did you know that next week, May 13th – May 18th, REALTORs from all over the country will be gathering in Washington DC to meet with our Senators and Congresspeople to let them know how important Homeownership is to so many people and to our economic recovery?
Washington DC

Washington DC (Photo credit: eGuide Travel)

 ~And did you know that I’ll be there ~ spreading the word for all of you current and future homeowners!?!

One thought on ““2 for 1” and other facts of Homeownership ….in Midcoast Maine!

  1. That’s awesome, Patti! You’re a great representative for us Maine homeowners. Those are some fun facts. Thanks for sharing.


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