It’s Moxie Time in Mid Coast Maine!

It’s that time of year again when Lisbon Maine turns ORANGE!!!  Every year on the second weekend of July, Lisbon hosts the Moxie Festival! 

If you thought that Moxie was just a noun meaning “nerve” or “courage” ~ think again!  Moxie is a (not quite) world famous carbonated beverage ~ one of the first mass produced soft drinks in the United States by the way ~ and here in Mid Coast Maine we like to celebrate that!  
It’s an acquired taste, but once you come to love Moxie, you’ll join the ranks of folks like President Calvin Collidge, who was known to favor it, and Ted Williams, who endorsed it on radio and in print ads.
Beginning on the 12th and running through the 14th, the Festival features things like Friday night fireworks, Saturday 5k road race and a Sunday River race and car show.  For a full listing of all the fun filled Moxie events, go to  
Moxie_logo                                                                        Enjoy ~ if you have the Moxie to try it!!

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