A View OF Your Front Door!

Are you aware that passers-by can tell a lot about you just by looking at your home?  No, not by the 3 bikes in the driveway or the skateboards of the front walk ~ although that may give a clue as to how many children you have ~ but by what the color of your front door says about you!!

which are you ~ red or blue?Front doors are really important in Feng Shui because your home absorbs it’s chi, or energy, through the front door.  A good front door, with the right color, will attract the highest energy.  According to Feng Shui experts, a front door facing south is best painted in fire colors ~ red, orange or yellow.  A front door facing north should be blue or black.  Check out this feng shui site for more info on colors!! http://abt.cm/16bbXcc for

Of course, not all of us get into the whole feng shui thing!  If you’re one of those non believers, how about this ~ a red door says “Look at me!!” ~ a yellow door may mean you are a “leader of the pack” and a purple door tells the world you are a “free spirit”!

In Scotland, if you paint your front door red it means you are MORTGAGE FREE!!

front doors


So before you paint (or repaint ) make sure you are giving your friends, neighbors  and would be buyers the right impression as they come to visit  ~ and for more hints try ~  http://bit.ly/15IUQMG



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