Preservation and Progress ~ Questions, no answers!

The desire to preserve things “just the way they are” and the desire to expand and grow better ~ the balance between the two is often unstable at best ~ and is always like walking a tightrope.  
We often come across this dilemma when talking about real estate.  One’s concern about an unspoiled view and rural character is at odds with another’s view about progress and growth.  How do we protect local wildlife while allowing for housing growth and development?  How do we preserve historic buildings while allowing for new commercial enterprises? Can it be done?  I hope the answer is yes, but I’m not really sure how to get there.  
As a member of my town’s Comprehensive Plan Committee, I’d love to know what your experiences ~ both positive and negative ~ have been to help me work through these issue in my small town… Can we encourage a new subdivision without disturbing the neighboring farm?  Can we encourage new employment without angering the long term residents who don’t want to see any part of their past change?
I’ll wait to hear from you!

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