Tech Tip Tuesday

Are you writing tantalizing tweets Twitter Bird Cute-32x32 (1)and fantastic facebook Facebook Binder-32x32posts?  Want to make sure that they are going to last for future generations to read and enjoy?  You may want to think about backing up your online data from all of your social networks so that even 10 years from now everyone will be able to relive your daily menus, local hangouts and embarrassing photos!  I haven’t tried it yet, but a couple of services I am going to check out are CrashPlan and ADrive, both have a free plan for some limited backup.  I have been using Carbonite for a few years now backing up what I think is the important stuff, but never thought about backing up tweets and emails so I’ll be looking into that as well!!

Hand Drawn Download Folder-48x48

What are you using?  Please share if you are, and if not, why not give it a try?  While I haven’t needed to “recover” anything yet, you never know when that need will arise so why not be ready for it?

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