Tech Tip Tuesday

I know that we’re almost through January, but if you haven’t done any goal setting yet ~ and be honest here because I know I’m not the ONLY one who hasn’t ~  there are a couple of sites that may help you ~ okay US ~ get started!

Some of these sites are free, others you may need to pay for, which may help you ~ US ~ really stick to it!

Goalmigo (  is like a the facebook of goal setting, as you can set the goal, track the goal, and share your progress with your friends online.

MindTools (  is a little more detailed…you can set lifetime goals, financial goals, and personal goals.

stickK ( is all about weight lose goals and wellness.

I think my favorite, and where I’ll “put my money where my mouth is” site is 21Habit ( This site is really cool and seems like it’s easy enough to manage, especially as it can last for as little as 21 days!  Commit to a habit, goal or resolution, check in every day, and if you do you get your money back (and a new habit formed or resolution checked off).  If you don’t the money ($1 a day) goes to charity.  This really is a win/win situation, isn’t it!!

So let me know how you make out, and if you have any other cool sites to share, send them along!

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