Bake for Family Fun Month!


So it’s the tail end of February vacation week (at least it is for those of us in New England), the snow continues to fall (again, at least here in New England!!) and you’re running out of things to do with the kids before school reopens on Monday (at least we hope it does and we’re done with snow days!).

If you enjoy baking ~ and even if you just tolerate it ~ February is Bake for Family Fun Month so why not give it a try!  The smell of freshly baked cookies makes everyone happy and kids are naturally curious and eager to help make them!

But a few tips before you start ~ Set the rules! Make sure everyone knows that it’s baking time not playing time…(safety first!).  Use plastic!  Bowls, spoons, measuring cups etc.  Much less of a hassle when they fall to the floor! Don’t expect perfection!  They may not look perfect, but those misshapen cookies will taste like heaven to you and the kids!


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