Tech Tip Tuesday

After an enjoyable weekend with Ben and Alison and Maine Maple Sunday, I’m once again looking at a way to store and share photos ~ fast, free and easy of course!  I have so many personal photos to share with family, but I also have real estate photos that I need to share with the office and have easy access to.  So what to use?

Dropbox is great ~ if I could get all family members to download.  Works great for office photos and documents so that’s a real plus!

Snapfish is good ~ some family members use this and in addition to seeing photos of Ben and Alison, I can easily order them up on a coffee mug!

I haven’t used Piscas yet but that’s my next “free time” project…learning all I can about it.  From what I’ve read so far, it sounds like you can edit, share and organize all your photos quite easily.

But this week I’m reaching out to you…what do you use and what are the pros and cons of the software you’ve chosen?

Oh, while I should probably have used an image of Picasa here, I can’t resist showing off Alison!Alison

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