Leaving footprints in Midcoast Maine

I would so love to be at a sandy beach right now, walking along the shore and leaving footprints in the sand.  Wouldn’t you?  If you’re reading this in Florida or California, maybe you are! But it looks like it will be a little while longer before I can do that in Maine, so instead, I went looking for my carbon footprint today. So this is me:

Total = 12.15 metric tons of CO2eblackfoot

Want to know yours?  Try this site, it only takes a few minutes and you should know all of the information without having to look anything up! http://bit.ly/1kqjnMs

So now I know WHAT it is,  I have to find out what it MEANS.  Do you know?  I don’t, but will keep reading and learning to find out how bad that actually is ~ although it really can’t too bad as I read that the average footprint for people in United States is 20.40 metric tons ~ but I bet it could be better!

So let me know your score ~ I’m thinking in this case low score wins.


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