Selling your home in Midcoast Maine this Spring? (part 2!)

I talked about some of the big picture stuff in an earlier post like getting your home pre-inspected, getting estimates for work to be done, and having a cleaning company give your home the “once over”  but even if you’re not moving this spring (but especially if you are!!) there are a couple of other smaller and easier to tackle projects you should think about putting on your to-do list!

Start by cleaning your work space ~ both at home and at the office.  It’s amazing how much clutter can accumulate in a short time when we are busy. I can’t be the only one with a “I’ll get to it later” pile that just keeps growing and growing…So take an hour, or a day, and just do it.  Either file it or trash it.  Just don’t handle that piece of paper again!

What about your email inbox? Does it resemble your desk top?  Totally overloaded? Create folders in your inbox and move each email into the appropriate folder. And don’t forget the trash folder, that’s one of my favorites! I try to keep messages in my inbox only until I have replied to it or done what’s been asked of me in the message. Then into the correct folder it goes.  That way I know the task is done and I can move onto the next.



And we can’t forget the closets, can we?  Well, we can, but we shouldn’t.  Great rule of thumb when tackling the closet (or basement, or attic even) is the rule of 3. Especially if you have your home on the market or are thinking of doing so. Grab 3 boxes or 3 trash bags. Look at each item in the closet (or cabinet or basement ~ you get the picture!) 1 box for trash. 1 box for Goodwill or yard sale. 1 box for packing/moving.  Leave out only what you really need and use every day. You will be amazed at what you can get rid of and do without, especially if you think that you’ll be moving that box into a truck, into a new house, into a new room and then having to unpack it!!





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