Selling your home yourself? 4 tips it may be time for a change!

If you are currently marketing your home for sale, but it’s just not quite working, there are a number of reasons that you can’t control (like unique layout, no garage etc.) But there is always one thing that you do control, and that is the price. Here are a couple of signs for you to consider that it may be time to make a price adjustment!

~ You have fewer buyers viewing your home than you did at the beginning. The most activity you will have is right after you put the property on the market, so this may mean that it is a bit overpriced and buyers are backing off and waiting for the price to fall.

~ You have lots of buyers viewing your home, but no offers. This may mean that the buyers like what they see and you’re in the ballpark, but they
are not quite comfortable making a lower offer.

~ You’re home has been on the market longer than others around it.  Again, that may mean that the buyers have felt that those other homes are a better value for them.

~ You have a deadline.  A job transfer. Another house under contract.  If you aren’t getting lookers and offers, it may be time to adjust the price.peileppe castle

Remember, it’s not how much money you need to get that determines the sales price of your home. It’s what the market today can bear and what today’s buyers are willing to spend that determines market value.


One thought on “Selling your home yourself? 4 tips it may be time for a change!

  1. Yup. This all sounds very realistic. I think it’s important to go into selling your home with an open mind. I’m guessing most people don’t get exactly what they want in the end.


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