So You’re Ready To Sell Your Home!

Good for you, you’ve made the decision to sell your home, congratulations!

Here’s my first piece of advice ~ don’t test the market. The best thing for you to do is to price your home right in the first place. for saleMost likely you will then sell it as close to the original price as possible. For the absolute best results, price your home at current fair market value — not where prices were in 2005, or where they might be in 2015! Tempting, but wrong!

Current fair market value means your home favorably compares to homes that have recently sold that are most similar to yours in size, finishes, amenities and location. It also means your home is on target with price trending. If homes are dropping in price in your area, you may want to set your original price under current fair market values in order to generate more interest from buyers. If prices are trending upward, stay current – BUT don’t price ahead. That only works in the strongest sellers’ markets when banks are more comfortable about rising prices. And that is not happening now!!

Next piece of advice ~ make sure that buyers see your home in the best light. From a REALTOR® point of view, the two most important considerations are how your home looks from the curb and how it looks online. For the best “first impressions” you should spend some time and attention on curb appeal ~ from keeping your walks and drives swept, to painting the front door a fresh new color, to putting out a new welcome mat. Photography can be your home’s best friend when it’s done right. Stage the rooms that will be featured by removing clutter, clear tabletops and countertops, remove the pet dishes and children’s toys.  Remember, in a photo, less is more.

When buyers look at your home, they will be looking for flaws. Make sure the little details are not overlooked, things like that light that needs to be fixed or replaced, the drip in the bathroom faucet or the window with cracked glass.


A home that is priced to reflect current market conditions and shows well in person and online will always sell for more than homes that aren’t maintained and marketed as well.

Have you sold a home recently?  How did you fair? Any thoughts you’d like to add?

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