Unruly Neighbors? What to do….!

You spent months finding the perfect little home, you have just unpacked and are settling into your new home on a “quite” street in a “desirable neighborhood” . Then a chainsaw starts up and ruins your peaceful bliss. Oh, didn’t you know? You made the mistake of moving next to the neighbors from hell. These folks are awful. They let their lawn fester with junk, play obnoxiously loud music at random times in the night, never close their blinds while walking around not exactly clothed, rake leaves into your once-pristine yard and give you a death glare if you mention these problems. But, don’t fear. Selling your new home and moving again isn’t necessary, there are a few tips on how to deal with these hellish people who dare call themselves your neighbors.

messy lawn

Don’t Get Angry and React Hastily!

If you feel like taking out your lack of sleep on the neighbor because they were playing disco all night with the windows open, don’t.  If you have the urge to fill a dumpster with all of their discarded car parts, don’t.  If you think you should paint their windows black so as not to be able to see inside their house, don’t.  Take a deep breath, buy a bottle of wine or some fresh muffins, and knock on the door.  Be friendly, neighborly, and let them know how their behavior or habits are bothering you, and offer suggestions.  Could they keep the music down after 10:00 pm?  

Offer to Help fix the problem! 

Maybe they are just really busy people and honestly don’t have time to take care of the exterior of their home.

Would they share the cost of a fence? Would they mind if you helped bags some leaves? Sometimes the small cost to remove the eyesore is worth it for your peace of mind.

Document Everything!

If none of this works, and your neighbor still plays the music til 3:00 am, it may be time to call in some help.  Does the noise violate a homeowners association?  Is the trash a health hazard? If things get really out of hand, it may be time to call the police or an attorney. Make sure you keep a copy of any noise complaints you might file with the police, photocopy any letters you send (be sure those are signed by you), and take photographs of the property. These will all help your case against this unruly neighbor.

Have you experienced this?  Any other thoughts?  What worked for you?  Sometimes if may just be resignation and a really tall fence…

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