Mantel Blues? Try Decorating it!

It’s not just a shelf for greens and candles for holidays, or an afterthought for knickknacks or assorted collectibles that have no other home, your mantel offers a great opportunity to showcase your personal style.

And there’s no one right way to design your mantel…in fact, whether you lean toward classic, contemporary, country, or any other design styles, it’s easy to create a stylish mantel that will serve as a focal point for your room.  

Layer it on ~ Creating a well-designed mantel is often about knowing how to layer different items with varying sizes and scales. Using a large piece of art in the center and gathering items in threes around it is nice……and for a more modern option FP photos (but only if you’re not OCD), try an asymmetrical look with your focal point off center. Okay, this one would NOT work for me!!

Color coordinate ~ A mantel is also a great place to build on a color scheme or to add that really bright bit of color you’re afraid to use in a larger fashion! Love bright pink but not sure if it’s right for the room, find (or paint) and accent piece and try it out on your mantel!

Develop a theme ~ Whether your theme is beachy,, Americana, or French country, the mantel is the ideal place to show it off. FP photo 2

Go seasonal ~ If you’re the type of person who likes to update your space frequently, the mantel is a great showcase for seasonal decor (and if you’re not, it’s still an ideal place for those holiday greens and candles!). 

Hang the TV ~ The fireplace wall is often the best (sometimes the only!) place to put the TV. Your seating area is facing it, right? But if you want your room to be centered around the TV without it becoming an eyesore, try a disguise. A flat-panel TVs often find a place above the mantel.

What have you done to or on your mantel?  I’d love to hear your ideas!  

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