Home Sellers…Why Did You Buy Your Home???

Why did you chose to purchase the home that you now own? Yes, I know that you want to sell it, and we do need to know why you want to sell, but for me to help you sell your home, it helps to know why you bought your home!  Whatever drew you to it years ago may be the same thing that will draw the buyer to your home today!

Factually , there are usually three reasons a buyer chooses to buy a home:

Location ~ Condition ~ Price

Location ~ Do you love the location?  Can you walk everywhere?  Do you have beautiful gardens? Do you have acres of land for kids and dogs to play? If location wasn’t the reason, and the location isn’t all that great, you can’t do much about it.

Well, maybe you CAN change the location of your home!

Well, maybe you CAN change the location of your home!

But you can make your home more attractive with lovely landscaping and fences to block out ugly views and sounds.  At the least, trim the hedges and keep the lawn mowed!!

Condition ~ Was the house in showcase condition?  Newly painted throughout with freshly shampooed carpets and washed floors?  The best way to market your home is by putting it in the best condition possible. Buyer’s pet peeves may be easy items to fix, but you don’t want your house to go to the bottom of their list because you failed to paint, shampoo or clean. Wear and tear on a home is sometimes best seen by an outsider (that would be me, the real estate agent!) Take my advise, sometimes you have to invest a little money to make money.

Price ~ Yup, this is the big one.  To be successful, you need to know if your neighborhood and price range is in a buyer’s market or seller’s market. A buyer’s market typically has large inventories of 6 months supply or higher, fewer buyers making offers, low offers, and many seller concessions. A seller’s market is typically a low supply of homes of 6 months or less, heavy buyer traffic, multiple offers, and close to full price or full price offers. Price tags

Lenders, buyers’ agents and buyers and especially appraisers all have access to the same information that I will give you when it’s time to price your home for the market. If you overprice for the current market, your potential buyers, if they come, won’t get their loans approved.

It’s hard not to be sentimental about the home you’ve loved and lived in for years, but to buyers, your home is a commodity that they haven’t yet fallen in love with.

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