Do years add up to size? Yes!!

Did you know, the longer you live in your home, the smaller your home gets?

That’s physics. It’s the net result of adding more stuff to your home each year than you get rid of each year. Even I can do the math on this one…!

To counteract this space-eating trend…a few tips!

~ Adopt the Replacement Principle: For every item that is added to your home, something of equal or greater size must be tossed, given away, or sold at the same time ~ not “when you get around to it”!

~ Stop automatically buying things that you “want,” but don’t need. Before you buy, remember that you will need to get rid of something else…so do you really “want” it now?

~ Sell or donate everything that still has a price tag on it or is in original packaging a year after purchase it. If you haven’t used it yet, do you really need it? I don’t think so!

The longer you live in your home, the bigger everyone in the home becomes.

That’s physics, too. It’s the net result of adults expanding from ingesting more calories than they exercise off and of kids growing up. How to fix this?

~ When you embrace exercise and healthy eating, you get smaller and your home feels bigger.

~ The kids will eventually leave home. Hopefully, they will take some of their stuff with them. Make them! There’ll be more space until they move back in…..


messy-garage storage 1 storage

The bigger the basement or attic, the easier it is to overload and the harder it is to get things out!

~ Stop buying more storage bins and boxes, and you’ll stop having more stuff come in to the home than goes out.

~ Stop thinking that moving something further out of sight is the same as permanently out of sight! The self-storage industry thrives on the misconception that moving stuff to their location (and paying for the privilege) is managing your possessions when it is often just delaying the “throw out” decision.  Oh, and they make money on it as well!

~ Once a year, take everything out of each storage tub, locker, closet, shelf (not all at once, but on different days)…and at least throw out the oldest thing (unless it is a priceless antique, in which case, use it or sell it). Consolidate the contents of two storage containers into one whenever possible by throwing out duplicates, everything broken, and things that no one confesses to own!

~ If you have sports equipment older than your oldest child, get rid of it—the stuff, not the kid. That goes for rarely used camping and hobby equipment, and back issues of magazines and old school textbooks, too. Once it’s out of date, dump it.


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