Easy DIY projects!

Even if you’re not getting ready to sell your home (but let me know if you are!) but just want a new look,and you’re missing that DIY gene ~ don’t fret, most people are. You can still make easy changes to your home before the winter blues set in!  Here are a few things you can easily DIY.

Paint ~  hands down the easiest way to make a big impact on your space with little money and little effort. A must to make it easier: proper preparation. You can tape baseboard and lay down drop cloths before you paint, or you can scrape, scrub and be frustrated with the mess you made later. You choice!

You’ll also want to think about the paint you buy. The cheaper the paint, the more you’ll have to deal with drips and coverage. If you don’t want to spring for a name brand (Sherwin-Williams is my favorite http://bit.ly/1nVym24)  wait for sales or go with the big box stores’ more high-end lines. You’ll thank me later!

Minor demo ~ Underline the minor though for DIY. Pulling up old carpet is easy with just a few tools, a little time, and access to a dumpster (that part is important, first time I did this myself the carpet made it out the front door with no escape plan!) Just be prepared for what you might find underneath ~ hardwood in good condition is great, an old sub floor means new flooring options.


Change out your hardware ~ This has to be the easiest fix to update a kitchen or bathroom, especially if you’ve just finished painting cabinets or walls…and almost no tools are required!

Refinish furniture ~Refinishing furniture is moderately easy, mostly fun, and a great way to show off your creativity and personal style. All you need is a sander (or some sandpaper if you prefer the safer and non electronic method), your paint or stain of choice, and something to apply it with.  As with walls and trim, preparation is a great idea!

Landscaping ~ Even without a green thumb, you can create a beautiful yard with a little effort. Trimming, weeding and fresh mulch make a tired yard look new again.  Add in a few fall plants for color and you’re done.



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