Before the DIY projects!!

So you’ve not quite ready for the easy DIY projects like painting and hardware, but you need a bit of freshening up!?  As I’ve mentioned before, home improvement doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive. Well,  major renovations like redoing a kitchen or adding another room can be pricey and a bit more than the typical DIY, but there are ways to fix up your place quickly, easily, and without needing a home equity loan! Read on a for a few sneaky tricks for improving your home.

Never underestimate the power of a Sharpie ~ Yes, it’s a little known fact and a homeowners dream ~ it can easily be used to cover up the scratches in wood furniture or floors. Just match the color as best you can and start small!

Fix up those really bad floors ~ Several companies make fix-it kits for badly scratched or gouged floors (check the carpet cleaning aisle at the supermarket), but you can save yourself some money with a pack of Crayolas. The wax helps fill in the gaps, and by alternating with a brown pen or two, you can greatly improve the look of your floors. Will they pass for brand new? Probably not, but they are better than nothing while you’re saving to have them refinished.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ~ The one tool you absolutely have to have.  If you Mr. Cleanhaven’t tried them, you have NO idea what you’re missing!! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can clean just about anything—the yucky stuff from the microwave, the refrigerator shelves, nasty tile, marks on your painted walls, even paint dripped on the floor. In fact, I’m going to stop here so you can stop reading now and just go to the store and buy this magic product!

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