Does your house have housitosis?! It’s a real word by the way, at least in the Urban Dictionary!

And I don’t mean be sarcastic or to scare you about this, but sometimes Housitosis can turn off friends, family and potential home Buyers so please read on!

If cooking smells linger long after the meal is served, it’s time to take action.The best remedy is to prevent the odors in the first place. This is easily done through proper ventilation and air filtration, your stove should be ventilated with an overhead or downdraft ventilation system that is matched to the needs of the burners. But remember, it’s only useful if you turn on your vented hood while you cook, even if you don’t like the extra noise.

And don’t forget to clean out your refrigerator weekly – leftovers can get ripe very quickly even when refrigerated.

Some cooking smells like fish or fried foods are really invasive. When you know you’re going to cook something stinky like cabbage, broccoli, and spicy dishes, prepare your kitchen in advance. Keep the house cooler (warm air makes odors linger), open windows in the kitchen, use your overhead fans and turn on the ventilation before you start frying!

Disposals can collect food debris that smells foul over time. Freshen your disposal with ice and lemon wedges or orange peels. Grinding will floss the teeth of the blades.

Fortunately, housitosis isn’t permanent. If you find odors lingering, you can also go for quick fixes like baked cookies, or pots simmering with cinnamon or potpourri. Anything citrus-scented also tends to cut the smells of grease and smoke. Just make sure the cure isn’t worse than the problem, so take it easy with candles and room sprays.

Now this to me is a GOOD smell….what do you think? Bacon. Bacon. Bacon.

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