Fire extinguisher facts!

A month late (October is Fire Safety Month) but still timely with all of the holiday cooking coming up, a few tips about fire extinguishers….with facts brought to you from my friends at

fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher can be a life saving tool when used correctly. The USFA recommends individuals are property trained in order to use and maintain an extinguisher.  A fire extinguisher should only be used if:

  • You have alerted others and someone has called the fire department
  • The fire is small and contained in/to a single object like a wastebasket
  • You are safe from toxic smoke produced by the fire
  • You have a means of escape and the fire is not between you and it
  • Your instincts tell you that is safe to use the fire extinguisher

Did you know that there are 5 types (classes) of fire extinguishers? I didn’t.  Did you know that they “expire”? I didn’t.  For more information on any of this, please click on this link and read on!



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