Which way does the Housing wind blow?

It sometimes seems like housing markets move whichever way the wind blows. When the weather’s cold, home sales tend to freeze. Prices fall and supplies of homes for sale increase. Buyers have been known to become more demanding.

It may be cold outside here in the Northeast, but that doesn’t mean your home won’t sell, you may just have to work a bit harder to make it happen.

There’s a lot about winter that’s fun. We have snow, sometimes lots of it, so why not turn it into an attraction. Do you have a fireplace or woodstove?  Make sure it’s lit and warm for showings.  Make your home smell inviting with hot cider spiced with cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove.

snowy house

Always Always keep your driveway and walkways snow and ice free. If it’s a dark day or evening ~ and at this time of year that’s pretty much a given by 4:00pm ~ put the exterior lights on as well as your interior lights…you want to make having a home in the winter warm and cozy, not cold and dark!

Snow also brings wet and mud. If you don’t have a dedicated “mud room” try creating a mud nook by the front or back door. Put out an attractive mat for shoes and boots as well as baskets for mittens and gloves and a few hooks for coats.  But don’t overload it, as always, keep clutter to a minimum!

These are the first impressions the buyer will have of your home….so make it count! And let the wind blow you into a sail! (get it? sale!)


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