Selling and staying Merry this Holiday season….

Yes, it’s just now truly winter ~ and you really need to sell your home. If you’re in a Buyer’s market, you can and probably will see some “lowball”offers, but homes that are priced right and that are in good ~ and by good I mean great ~ condition will be treated with more respect by buyers.

If prices are falling in your area, then you mus price your home accordingly.  You need to price according to recent sold properties and even put weight on pricing to pending sales — those homes that are “under contract” but haven’t closed yet.

You have to know what your bottom line is, BUT pricing your home ~ the market value of your home ~ really has nothing to do with how much you owe on it, how much cash you want out of it, or how much you need for your retirement. Buyers will ONLY pay current market value as determined by the most recent market sales.

So what else can you do?  

You’ve priced your home properly and now an offer has come your way….please remember to keep negotiations pleasant.  This is the MERRY part!!

Negotiation is a fine art, and typically works best when both parties get what they want. For example, you may be willing to take less in exchange for a quicker closing. Your buyer may be willing to pay your asking price, but they may ask you to pay their closing costs.

You’ll quickly realize if you’re dealing with a sincere buyer. Respond to the buyer’s negotiations with documentation, receipts and other information in a timely manner. If you feel the buyer isn’t negotiating in good faith, simply stop responding. You’re under no obligation to respond to an unreasonable offer. The buyer will get the message and either go away or get real.

It may surprise you to learn that buyer’s markets work for sellers, too. In a perfect world, you’ll get top dollar for your home and buy your next home at a bargain basement price, but that’s rare. Instead focus on the big picture — both selling and then buying at a reasonable price. Don’t worry about what you didn’t get or what you wanted for your home. When you buy your next home, you’ll be able to take advantage of falling prices, too. It all evens out.

Remember your goal…SELL this house and BUY a different house!!  And choose your merry!!

merry 1    

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