What’s wrong with this Offer?!

Sometimes when everything goes right we have trouble accepting that fact and look to see what is wrong. Case in point and most clearly illustrated is when a Seller lists their home for sale and receives a good offer right away.

All REALTORS® have stories of Sellers who refused to take a good, but not perfect (full price) first offer, and who then waited a long, long time before finally accepting something else at a considerably lower price. And most REALTORS®  who have been around cringe when a good offer is made soon after coming to market as the Seller’s typical response is “We must have listed too low…I’m not accepting this as something better is sure to come in”.

NO NO NO ~ As REALTORS® we know that a quick offer is not a low offer, it’s usually the BEST offer.

The real estate market has changed, for the better, and it’s becoming more and more efficient.The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) provide agents ~ and their buyer clients ~ with virtually instant access to new listings that come to the market. Buyers immediately see homes for sale that fit their criteria. So early showings and early offers are not only NOT uncommon, but for a home that is well priced, in a good location,in good condition and in a good market, that may become the norm.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, and want good advice when that first (best) offer comes in, call your local REALTOR® and start working WITH them, not AGAINST them!


And I know that I sound like the pushy real estate agent when I say this, but “Your first offer will be your best offer”. Trust me. Or call me!


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