The American Dream of Home Ownership


The American dream of owning a home is alive and well…if you are ready. And I mean really ready. Really, really ready.

When you own your own home you can have pets, paint the walls red, practice the drums, plant perenials, add a hot tub…you know what I mean, right?!

But before you jump into that hot tub, take a deep breath and let’s make sure you’ve done your homework and you are ready to make the move.

You will have some financial responsibilities ~

To yourself and to your lender.  You won’t have the landlord to call when the hot water tank springs a leak, so you need to have a reserve account for these emergencies…and trust me, no hot water in the winter qualifies for an emergency!

You need to make your mortgage payments on time. Every time. …no exceptions!

You will have some community and neighborhood responsibilities ~

When you buy a home, you become part of your community and neighborhood. You don’t have a landlord to answer to any longer, but you do have neighbors and you’ll want to foster good relations with them. Keeping your lawn mowed and house painted will not only make your neighbors happy, but will help contribute to keeping the value of all of your homes up.

You will have some household responsibilities ~

Buying a new home is a great time to step up your lifestyle and enjoy what your new home and community has to offer. You can make your home truly yours but you want to stay within reason of course. Be a good steward of your home and your finances while setting a good example for others in your life….what a great way of showing your kids that we all want that inground pool but we have to save and be ready for it!

So what does home ownership mean to you? First home? Vacation home? Scaling down home? Love to hear from you…

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