I Have to Move VS I Get to Move

I love the distinction between I “get to” and I “have to” do anything. Positive attitude vs Negative attitude. But I also get there’s a bit difference between I “get to” move and I “have to ” move.  Selling a home because you want to as it allows you to start a new job, or grow your family, or move to somewhere you’ve always wanted to live is a lot different than selling your home because you’ve lost your job, or there’s been a death in the family or you can’t afford it any longer.

But that doesn’t mean you have to approach the move like it’s a death sentence. Try to embrace the fact that all change brings something good, if you are open to seeing it.  Look upon this move as an opportunity to try something new. Embrace it. I’ve moved myself. A lot. Just ask my kids!  But every move, whether it was one we wanted and looked forward to, or one that we had to make and dragged our feet through, all turned out to be good “moves” for us.


Have you “had to” move?  Did it ulitmately bring good changes to your life?

Did you “get to” move recently?  What tips might you have for the ones that had to?

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