What to do in Midcoast Maine

An early summer weekend activity starts Friday with the 42nd Annual Old Port Festival. With music, food, arts and crafts and more, it’s a not to miss this weekend. http://www.oldportfestival.net/

Not enough notice?  Well, Boothbay Harbors’ 53rd Annual Windjammers Days starts on June 21st, plenty of time for planning for that week! http://www.windjammerdays.org/

Of course, the 4th of July wouldn’t be the same without the 42nd Annual Bath Heritage Days, with parades and fireworks! http://bathheritagedays.com/

That takes us into July with more festivals, fireworks, food and fun to follow all summer long!

Don’t want to wait for a weekend, check out these two sites for ongoing activities!

The top 30 things to do in Portland, including beer tours, food tours and boat tours   http://bit.ly/1TbOcWS

The top 30 Things to do in Midcoast Maine, including lighthouses, beaches and wineries    http://bit.ly/1BZhXzy

6.13.15     The 42nd Annual Old Port Festival Weekend

6.23.15     Windjammers Days Boothbay Harbor

7.2.15      The 42nd Annual Bath Heritage Days

7.17.15    The 50th Annual Yarmouth Clam Festival

7.29.15    Maine Lobster Festival

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