More to do in Midcoast Maine ~ August Edition

I want to state for the record that I HATE it when people say “Well, August is here, summer’s almost over” NO it’s not.  We have one more long month, and then even though school starts for some (most!) of us, September in Midcoast Maine is typically warm and beautiful.  So no, summer is not almost over.  It may be 1/2 over, but I am definitely “the glass is half full” kinda girl when it comes to summer!

So, now I can get to the upcoming August events around here, thank you!

Brunswick Art Festival 2014The 9th Annual Brunswick Outdoor Art Festival is in 2 weeks, check out all the things happening at ~

There is still one more show at the Maine State Music Theatre and I’m betting it’s going to be as good as the first 3 this year ~

Thomas Point Beach always has things happening, the Highland Games are coming up soon, as is the Bluegrass Festival ~

Harpswell has miles of coast line and lots to do, but they also have ICE CREAM~ August 9th is Ice Cream on the Beach day!  For that and other Harpswell info, a great site is Harpswell Heritage Land Trust ~

Heading north and want to go to sea?  How about a tour of Seguin Island and Lighthouse?  You can’t beat a boat ride and hiking on a beautiful summer day ~


There’s lots more, but this should get you started!!

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