Giving Thanks to Tedford Housing

Tedford Housing recently celebrated 25 years of community partnerships here in Brunswick Maine. They opened their doors in February 1987 as Tedford Shelter as a response to the community’s need for temporary,emergency housing in the greater Midcoast Maine area. With a mission to “end homelessness … and advocate for change so that no one faces the prospect of being without a home” Tedford has been working towards that goal for 25 years. Tedford Housing is founded on the principal that safe, decent, and affordable housing is a fundamental right. I can’t think of a statement that rings truer than that. Progressing from a “shelter” organization to a “housing” organization has allowed Tedford to expand into helping clients obtain and maintain permanent housing opportunities.

I am proud to say that I have been an active part of this wonderful organization for many years, first as a member of the Board of Directors, then as President of the Board, remaining even now an Annual Donor.

Please visit their website and see if there is anything you may want to do to help them keep fighting for another 25 years. Together we may be able to help Tedford Housing realize their goal.