To generate or not to generate?

When we hear the words “snow storm” (at least here in the Northeast!), it seems to produce a run on certain items…..bread and milk, shovels and salt/sand at the very least.  But as a homeowner it also seems to get us motivated to looking into alternative power sources, as snow also brings the possibility of power lines down and a loss of electricity!  So if you don’t have a wood stove to help heat things up, which we don’t as of this year, we start to think about generators.


You could go to your local hardware store and pick up a portable generator, but they can be in short supply just like the bread and milk once the storm starts!

A better solution may be a whole house, permanent generator, which will start on it’s own and supply power to the entire house as soon as your “regular” power decides to go out.

Now I could try to explain how that all works, but since I have a Real Estate license not an electrical license, I think it’s best to leave all of that up to a professional.  But I can recommend some really great electricans who would be more than happy to answer your questions, like: What size do I need? Is a permit needed? Are there setbacks to worry about? Do we need to have it inspected? What powers the generator?whole-house-generator

And while it’s already February 1st, there’s lots of time left for our power to go out leaving us cold and dark…so think about what might be best for you and start planning!

A View OF Your Front Door!

Are you aware that passers-by can tell a lot about you just by looking at your home?  No, not by the 3 bikes in the driveway or the skateboards of the front walk ~ although that may give a clue as to how many children you have ~ but by what the color of your front door says about you!!

which are you ~ red or blue?Front doors are really important in Feng Shui because your home absorbs it’s chi, or energy, through the front door.  A good front door, with the right color, will attract the highest energy.  According to Feng Shui experts, a front door facing south is best painted in fire colors ~ red, orange or yellow.  A front door facing north should be blue or black.  Check out this feng shui site for more info on colors!! for

Of course, not all of us get into the whole feng shui thing!  If you’re one of those non believers, how about this ~ a red door says “Look at me!!” ~ a yellow door may mean you are a “leader of the pack” and a purple door tells the world you are a “free spirit”!

In Scotland, if you paint your front door red it means you are MORTGAGE FREE!!

front doors


So before you paint (or repaint ) make sure you are giving your friends, neighbors  and would be buyers the right impression as they come to visit  ~ and for more hints try ~



Were you cold this morning?

English: Winter Landscape at Chaldon, Surrey Y...

I was, and if I’m not mistaken, there was some frost out there….

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter, what can you do to keep warm and save money?  Here are a couple of things to think about….

1)Did you know you can tune-up your programmable thermostat ~ This could save you up to 5% with a small investment on your part.

2)Do you need space heating solutions ~ If you are looking to space heat a room and reduce the use of your central system – some solutions – either propane, oil and kerosene. Affordable, inexpensive, automatic and virtually maintenance free, no weekly ash shoveling, loading and storing!

Want more ideas?  For the complete list go to and get ready for Old Man Winter!

I plan to be as warm as possible this winter, how about you?