To Catch a Catfish!

August is National Catfish Month….in case you’re interested and you are a fisherman(woman) ~ I refuse to say fisherperson, correct me if you disagree!!


Anyway, here it is, a month dedicated to catching catfish, and apparently there is a right and a wrong way to do it!  So here are some of the right ways…


Clarias batrachus

NOT a catfishes natural habitat!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~Get plenty of stinky bait ~ catfish have small eyes (do other fish have big fish eyes?) so they rely on their sense of taste and smell.


~Night is best ~ catfish are most active after dark but if you are going to try during the day (and really, do many of us wake the kids up at midnight and say “let’s go get the catfish?”) be patient.  Cast the line and let it sit in the same spot for 15 -20 minutes.


~Catfish are scaredey cats ~ they get spooked when they see shadows, so know where the sun is and where you shadow is!


~Catfish like hide and seek ~ so cast around logs, bushes, and rocks.


Here’s a link to where to catch catfish in Maine as well ~ if you’re going to give it a try you might as well know where to go to be the most successful!



My kind of Catfish (Photo credit: rdpeyton)



Good luck, let me know how you do….


National Christmas Caroling Day!!


It’s ~ National Christmas Caroling Day ~

I don’t think anyone knows who started this unique holiday, and while it’s not as popular today as it was a few decades ago, Christmas holiday caroling is still a great opportunity to get friends and neighbors together to enjoy the holiday and appreciate the meaning of the season.

Many groups, such as Scouts and youth groups often partake in this special musical event. Even family parties and business parties sometimes produce an impromptu caroling event. Caroling remains an important part of our cultural and social society.


I remember when my boys were younger and in cub/boy scouts, we would frequently go caroling to nursing homes and senior citizen centers.  (Don’t forget to call ahead to the facility management to arrange a date and time!)  And the bonus ~ a caroling event is often topped off with hot chocolate and cookies.

So I challenge you: buck the declining trend and organize a sing along ~ at home ~ at the office ~ out at lunch even!  It may take a little planning to make your Christmas caroling happen, but in this day and age, you can get everything delivered to your front door, even a song!